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Campus Rape Culture

Campus culture is the combination of many aspects of human interactions of customs, traditions, art that is transmitted through acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. Campus colleges worldwide have accepted that violence in sex is a matter that is not of their concern until it is exposed on their campus. This is Campus Rape Culture. Believing that you have been raped is the first of many hurdles a victim is expected to address. Then there’s blaming, and feelings when completely thrown off of your path that you initially had when you came to college. Now you are alone in your feelings of indignities towards yourself.

This kind of self deprecation needs special care… special heart healing and special allies who reach out to others to heal themselves. It is in the telling of your survival that alerts others in this culture where the media… society… Hollywood tells us we are supposed to be objectived… consumers… we constantly absorb these images and thoughts that rape culture is a part of our beliefs (she was asking for it dressed that way)... customs (boys will be boys)... traditions (she needs to get on with her life) … art (the constant images of women sexually portrayed).

This IS our culture … This is even accepted by president’s, sports teams, board rooms and I could go on. Rather, there’s a special event with a special name to offer expertise to help and assist in one’s recovery to put the pieces of yourself together peacefully, except this time stronger and culturally aware. The Compassion CHARRETTE is the special day, a virtual space to embrace and be embraced. This new and different campus culture is strengthened here and then moves outward intersectionality into the world.


Who's behind the Compassion Charrete

The collectives behind the Compassion Charrette range from activist, entrepreneurs, frontline workers and more

Inspired be a vision of real change, Lisa Cain and group of Collectives, created, funded and assembled the most comprehensive Charrette for effective change that anyone has every attempted.
The Compassion Charrette is about helping activists, frontline workers, and caregivers relax, recharge, breathe and become apart of something bigger than we are individually.

Professor Cain

Creator and Founder of the Compassion Charrette

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Due to the Pandemic, the Compassion Charrette will be online, but that changes nothing with the dynamics or the impact of the compassion charrette. We will have a great time and the friends you will have for life after the event is immesurable.

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Charrette Itinerary

See all of the things that will happen during this great, fun, cozy and compassionate event
The idea event for those who may be experiencing "compassion fatigue" and want to be around possitive people that they will be able to depend on.

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