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All Domestic Violent workers, Im here for you

Trusted Collectives in Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

A weekend spa resort trip would be nice but a bit out of range, at this time? People have come together for a special day with a special name… the Compassion CHARRETTE… learn the theory of change I.N.T.A.C.T.™
This is a day of work-life balance especially crafted for you doing the much needed work standing in the gap between domestic violence and victims… survivors and the collateral damage created when people need places to live, to survive the trauma The … Compassion CHARRETTE
A day to be with other domestic violence workers… build a trusted collective of people that understand and also want to connect… sharing of strategies of self-care from wellness / health / and financial consultants who believe that YOU deserve to have their expertise to be and stay strong while being the gap between life and death for so many for so long

Who's behind the Compassion Charrete

The collectives behind the Compassion Charrette range from activist, entrepreneurs, frontline workers and more

Inspired be a vision of real change, Lisa Cain and group of Collectives, created, funded and assembled the most comprehensive Charrette for effective change that anyone has every attempted.
The Compassion Charrette is about helping activists, frontline workers, and caregivers relax, recharge, breathe and become apart of something bigger than we are individually.

Professor Cain

Creator and Founder of the Compassion Charrette

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Due to the Pandemic, the Compassion Charrette will be online, but that changes nothing with the dynamics or the impact of the compassion charrette. We will have a great time and the friends you will have for life after the event is immesurable.

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Charrette Itinerary

See all of the things that will happen during this great, fun, cozy and compassionate event
The idea event for those who may be experiencing "compassion fatigue" and want to be around possitive people that they will be able to depend on.

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