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Immigration Rights

Before colonial wars, on ‘American’ soil, borders were natural boundaries like the Mississippi River. Then, after the Mexican American War boundaries were drawn officially on maps that gave the native people fewer and fewer land ownership rights to their ancestral habitats.

Moving forward about two and a half centuries we now have many man made borders. During 1990-2000, people crossed borders into the United States in massive numbers. Then congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

This law gave local law enforcement the job to identify illegal immigrants, even law abiding immigrants to be deported to maintain their 400 thousand annual quota.

The costs of deporting so many people over just five years was about twenty five billion dollars. And immigrant workers have proven their living and working here, in America, utilizes taxpayers' dollars in a much better way by significantly increasing the GDP.

Then America’s judicial process for becoming a legal citizen is not only long and systemically discriminatory, it more often tears apart families and keeps people engulfed in predatory victimization as cheap labor for exploitation from employers who don’t advocate for them … just use their skills.

The need to stay strong and healthy to see that this work makes the change that is needed to stop these inhumane practices, is the reason for the Compassion CHARRETTE.

It is especially named and created to make safe spaces for activism. Join us while we keep open and active engagement on that day and weekly thereafter building your trusted collective and learning strategies on remaining I.N.T.A.C.T.™ in your mental, physical and financial health. 


Who's behind the Compassion Charrete

The collectives behind the Compassion Charrette range from activist, entrepreneurs, frontline workers and more

Inspired be a vision of real change, Lisa Cain and group of Collectives, created, funded and assembled the most comprehensive Charrette for effective change that anyone has every attempted.
The Compassion Charrette is about helping activists, frontline workers, and caregivers relax, recharge, breathe and become apart of something bigger than we are individually.

Professor Cain

Creator and Founder of the Compassion Charrette

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Due to the Pandemic, the Compassion Charrette will be online, but that changes nothing with the dynamics or the impact of the compassion charrette. We will have a great time and the friends you will have for life after the event is immesurable.

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The idea event for those who may be experiencing "compassion fatigue" and want to be around possitive people that they will be able to depend on.

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