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Campus Rape Culture

“Once you get caught you can’t get uncaught,'' to quote Van Jones, who works with incarcerated populations as an attorney with lots to do... as the United States is the number one nation in the world, ever, to lock up so many people.

The United States is the nation with more people who are doing time for doing the crime, than any other. The millions of people who are being locked up, they do the time and are released to spend the rest of their lives in social prison.
Once free to reenter the social environment, they are denied student loans so they can’t educate themselves… When they are honest and ‘check the box’, they can’t get a job because employers do not want to hire people with prison records.

They can’t rent an apartment with poor credit scores because they have a prison record. As workers with incarcerated people you emotionally share their levels of stress conjoined with all of the intersectional complications.
This starts with arrests from police officers whose racially implicit biases profile some individuals over others as criminals, prosecutors who seem more powerful than judges offering plea bargains that criminalize people before they can go before a judge therefore more often receiving prison records for crimes they didn’t even commit.
Statistically, judges' decisions are harsher on populations of people of color.

All of the extraneous work to circumvent these injustices traumatize the people who work for defendants as if they too have committed criminal offenses by representing those people. 
So the Compassion CHARRETTE is a special name for a special day designed to help alleviate the compassion fatigue that is prevalent in working with people in the complexity of criminalization of people who are convicted and those who are working to provide the justice they are deserving yet seldomly experience. Join us, learn about living I.N.T.A.C.T.™ at the Compassion CHARRETTE   


Who's behind the Compassion Charrete

The collectives behind the Compassion Charrette range from activist, entrepreneurs, frontline workers and more

Inspired be a vision of real change, Lisa Cain and group of Collectives, created, funded and assembled the most comprehensive Charrette for effective change that anyone has every attempted.
The Compassion Charrette is about helping activists, frontline workers, and caregivers relax, recharge, breathe and become apart of something bigger than we are individually.

Professor Cain

Creator and Founder of the Compassion Charrette

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Due to the Pandemic, the Compassion Charrette will be online, but that changes nothing with the dynamics or the impact of the compassion charrette. We will have a great time and the friends you will have for life after the event is immesurable.

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Charrette Itinerary

See all of the things that will happen during this great, fun, cozy and compassionate event
The idea event for those who may be experiencing "compassion fatigue" and want to be around possitive people that they will be able to depend on.

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