what is a trusted collective

What is a "Trusted Collective" and why is it so powerful?

‘‘Never underestimate the power of a collective’  - Laurene Powell Jobs (billionaire business woman, advocate for social redistribution, founder of Emerson Collective)

‘One of the real problems today… people, seem to feel that if they vote they are being a responsible citizen… that ten minutes in the voting booth is not enough… if the civil rights movement left it to elected officials to segregate lunch counters…buses… wonder how long we’d have had to wait?... the movement itself was selfcare’ - Diane Nash (cofounder SNCC) 

‘Anyone interested in making change in the world also has to learn how to take care of herself, himself, theirselves…activists didn’t think they didn’t need to take care of themselves … yoga and meditation… the movement would’ve been very different if we understood the importance of that kind of self care’ - Angela Davis (author, political activist, academic scholar)

Caring For Myself is Not Self-Indulgence, It Is Self- Preservation, And That Is An Act of Political Warfare " - Audre Lorde (author, womanist, civil rights activist)

Self-Care as political warfare … preparing ourselves … radicalizing collective care … transforming power … humanely - Alicia Garza (co-founder Black Lives Matter)

Transformative change opens a mind and fills the heart to have the courage for the best Life … for the best World possible… whether from a book, a movie, a piece of art or a chance meeting through a video, if it changes you … then you pass it on in word or deed - Lisa Gordon Cain

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